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iPhone applications development

Since a couple of months, I am exploring the world of iPhone applications development.  After spending some time to discover the development framework and tools, I am quite impressed by the productivity we can reach.  Cocoa is an extremely powerful framework.

Of course, I was not starting from scratch, I already I some experience with Cocoa through Mac OS X applications development (see here and here for examples)

As of today I published two applications on the App Store.

The first one is very basic and was my learning test bed.  Tip Calculator allows you to quickly add tip and split your restaurant bills.  It gives you geo localized information about local tipping habits.

As I truly believe in knowledge and information sharing, the source code is available on

You can download and install it for free from the App Store.

The second application I developed is a web radio player.  It allows to listen to, an french based, eighties web radio.

Amongst other features, it allows to view the name of the current song as well as its cover.  It displays the name of the current show and on-air DJ’s.  It allows to send emails to the web radio stations or the DJ.

Source code is also available on

You can download and install it from the App Store.

I do not intent to modify the Tip Calculator anymore, however a couple of points are on my todo list regarding the Maxi80 application, namely :

  • Integrate the newly announced iAd service to get some revenue for the web radio
  • Port the application to the Android platform, more about this later.

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