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Oracle Enterprise Cloud Conference @ Luxembourg

Oracle Enterprise Cloud Summit

Develop Your Strategy and Roadmap for Cloud Computing Strategies

The cost and speed advantages of cloud computing are clear and compelling. But how do you actually move to cloud computing? To discover a practical approach to building your cloud foundation, join us for the Oracle Enterprise Cloud Summit.

During this half-day event, cloud experts will share real-world best practices, reference architectures, detailed customer case studies, and more. You’ll learn how to transform IT into a superior service provider with a strategy and roadmap for building, deploying, and managing an enterprise cloud.

Attend the Oracle Enterprise Cloud Summit to learn how to:

  • Build a state-of-the-art cloud architecture
  • Leverage your existing IT investments
  • Optimize your IT management processes

Whether you are considering a move to cloud computing or have already adopted a cloud.

8:30 Breakfast and Registration
9:00 Welcome
Pierre Henin, Managing Director, Oracle Luxembourg
9:15 Keynote : Your Roadmap to Enterprise Cloud Computing
Martijn Vlek, Senior Director – EMEA Middleware Solution Specialist Team
10:15 Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud : Revolutionizing Data Center Consolidation
Dieter Deramoudt, Senior Manager – Sales Consulting
11:00 BREAK
Track 1 Track 2
11:15 Infrastructure as a Service Enterprise Cloud Computing for Enterprises
Martijn de Jong, Product Marketing Manager
Five Essential Capabilities for Cloud Management
Mike Reys, Senior Sales Consultant
12:00 Oracle Exadata: Private Could Database Consolidation
Wim Van Asch, Master Principal Sales Consultant
Integrating your On-Premise Applications with Cloud Applications
Sébastien Stormacq, Principal Sales Consultant
12:45 LUNCH

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This event is organized in collaboration with

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Installing Oracle SOA Suite atop XE Database

Although not officially supported, installing Oracle SOA Suite a top of the lightweight XE database is often convenient for development, demo or training purpose.  It avoids going through the complete installation of her big brother : the complete Oracle Database 11g system.

XE is less than 220 Mb download and Installing it on  a Linux system is as simple as

rpm -ivh oracle-xe.rpm

However, there is some caveats, i.e. some system parameters to tweak before installing SOA Suite’s database schemas using Repository Creation Utility (RCU).

In the same spirit as my previous blog entry : here are the magical incantations for the database gods, to be executed before RCU.

First connect to the database :

sqlplus sys/yourpassword@XE as sysdba

(be sure to have /usr/lib/oracle/xe/app/oracle/product/10.2.0/server/bin in your PATH)

SQL> show parameter processes //processes should be 40 – must be 200
SQL> alter system set processes = 200 scope=spfile;
SQL> show parameter session;
SQL> alter system reset sessions scope=spfile sid='*';
SQL> shutdown immediate;
SQL> exit;

then restart XE with :

sudo /etc/init.d/oracle-xe start

Finally, as stated on SOA Suite download page :

“If you want to use XE you can set the RCU_JDBC_TRIM_BLOCKS environment variable to TRUE *prior* to running RCU. As a reminder as to support level, when running RCU against XE you will receive a warning stating that the database version is not supported by Oracle.”

You must issue


before starting RCU. Failing to do so will cause WebLogic to issue a bunch of database related exceptions at startup time.

That’s it !  You can now proceed with RCU to install SOA Suite’s database schemas.

Enjoy !

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An easy way to evaluate Oracle SOA / BPM offering

One of the big pain when willing to evaluate the SOA or BPM offering from Oracle is the installation process.  These are not simple toys to play with, they require some hundreds of Mb to download and some patience to carefully install all components and their dependencies.

Unless you have a good tutorial or book at hands, the result is likely to fail, believe me.  I’ve been there, I’ve done that.

The good news, is that we are helping you out by providing Virtual Machines images, ready to run and pre-installed with all the software you will need : the database, the application server, the SOA suite with BPM and BAM.

Patience is only required during the 6Gb download now.

Be sure to have the latest version of Virtual Box installed on your machine and a few Gbs (2-3 at least) available for the virtual machine.

Enjoy !

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Oracle + Sun SOA Strategy

Since Oracle’s Sun acquisition completed on January 27th, Oracle started a massive communication campaign to detail product’s roadmap and integration.

Regarding SOA products and technology strategy and integration, you can view the full web cast (17 minutes) or just read through my summary below.

Oracle will obviously continue to focus on it’s Fusion Middleware offering, and more specifically, Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle Service Bus (formerly known as Aqualogic Service Bus from Bea).  This is the strategic SOA platform for the future.

  • Java CAPS will be maintained and improved for existing customers 
  • GlassFish ESB will continue as an open source project
  • Oracle plans to support collaboration between Java CAPS and Oracle SOA Suite through bridges technology, allowing to bring new features to Java CAPS such as SOA Governance, Workflow etc …
  • Oracle expects to integrate key features of Java CAPS into Oracle SOA Suite 

Oracle also extends the End of Support dead line for SRE 5.0.5, eGate 4.5.3, GlassFish ESB 2.1 and Java CAPS 6.2  to January 2014 (premium support) or Jan 2017 (extended support) 

As always, Oracle also proposes a lifetime sustaining support.

By the way, for those of you wanted to start with Oracle’s SOA Suite, my colleague Patrice just published an excellent three-parts tutorial in addition to the material published by Oracle.


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WS-Security with GlassFish ESB

When selling GlassFish ESB to partners, we (Sun) have to provide our partners with all the material allowing them a quick ramp-up on our technology.  That’s the main reason why my group (Sales Engineers, Northern Europe) created a 3 days GlassFish ESB technical workshop.

My contribution to this workshop is a one hour module about WS-Security and GlassFish ESB (and OpenESB).  The idea is to demonstrate how easy it is to setup a WS-Security enabled channel between a web service provider and a web service client.

Specifically, the screencast tutorial shows how to establish mutual certificate authentication between an EJB based web service and a JBI service assembly, acting as web service client, in this case, a BPEL module.

The module is now released online, booth as PDF slides and as a screencast tutorial.

To learn more about WS-Security, I recommend this reading.

Enjoy ! 

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Java CAPS received Swift Certification 2009

Java CAPS, Sun’s SOA platform has been certified by Swift for 2009.  We passed the very strict Swift test suite and received the much convoyed "Financial EAI 2009" Swift label.

Java CAPS has received this certification for eleven (11) years in a row ! 

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