DreamBox Editor

DreamBox Bouquet Editor is a generic name I am using for two Dreambox-related projects I started.

Unfortunately, family and work life did not gave me enough time yet to complete these projects.  These are “work in progress” with tho target dead line.

Java Dreambox Settings Library

This is a library (i.e. code – not an application for end user), able to read and parse Dreambox’s Enigma 1 configuration files.

It allows to read and parse the satellite, service and user bouquets lists.

Source code is available on SourceForge as well as a preview of the Java Doc.

Mac OS X Dreambox Setting Editor

This is an end user application allowing to manage settings (i.e. user bouquets) for Dreambox’s Enigma2 receivers.

My goal is to have something very easy to use and intuitive.  I decided to mimic iTunes user interface.  See the screenshot below for details.

Source code is available on BitBucket

Not so much is required to be able to release a v1.0, basically, the possibility to save the changes back to the Dreambox.  Help is needed !

  1. #1 by dreambox on 04/11/2010 - 08:19

    I am using enigma 1 (7000 s). Am able to hide channels with the parental control, thats fine. But would be better to totally remove unwanted channels with the DBEdit.

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