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Solaris 11 Express on VirtualBox

I just downloaded and installed Solaris Express 11 on VirtualBox on my Mac and I was pleasantly surprised by the integration work done during these last two years.  Everything I tested is working out of the box, including screen resizing, a traditional paint point of Solaris + VirtualBox.

Beside paving the way toward Oracle Solaris 11 and being one of the first Oracle branded release of Solaris, there are many new functions for developers and system administrators.

I was particularly impressed by the extremely simple installation process, that started with OpenSolaris and is now live for all current and future Solaris users.  You can have a preview with this video.

You can also download a prebuilt Virtual Box VM, ready to use.

Give it a try !

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Out of the box integration

One year ago, when I tried to run Oracle’s Enterprise Linux 5 within VirtualBox, I ran into many configuration issues to get folder sharing, mouse integration and full screen correctly working.

Today the story is different.

I just tried Enterprise Linux 5 update 4, with the latest VirtualBox 3.2.12.  Everything is working out of the box.  Everything.

I have to admit I am impressed how Oracle manage to integrate all its product line.

Enjoy !

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