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JDeveloper Major Release – 11.1.2

This week, Oracle released a major new version of JDeveloper IDE, version 11.1.2

What’s new ?

  • The plugin system has been revamped and is now based on OSGi
  • The startup time has been dramatically reduced.  (We will need to find another activity to allow us for a cup of coffee – or two – in the morning)
  • Integration with Maven 2
  • Support of JSF 2
  • And, for Mac users using OpenJDK 7, no more need to hack your Java installation to make the installer happy. (when using Apple’s provided JDK 1.6, you still have to follow these instructions)

You can download it from OTN.  Have a look at the release notes and the user documentation.

enjoy !


I have to admit that the startup time has improved much !  On my Macbook Pro (Core 2 Duo 2.66Ghz / 4GB RAM – Apple JDK 1.6.0_24), a warm start gives the JDeveloper 20 secs to get the main Window. Weblogic seems to follow this path too with an impressive 11 secs to status [RUNNING].

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JDeveloper 11g PS4 is available

JDeveloper team released last week version, aka Patch Set 4.

This is a maintenance only release, no new feature has been added in this release. You can download it for free from Oracle Technology network.

Release Notes are available here

As usual, should you try to install it on Mac OS X, don’t forget to symlink classes.jar to rt.jar in your JVM installation, as per instructions on this blog (or from the official documentation)

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